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St. Pierre-Jolys is strategically located on Provincial Trunk Highway (PTH) 59, a Class A1 route (Maximum GWV 56500 kg) and Highway 205, a Class B1 route (Maximum GWV 47630 kg). The Village is also connected from the Tolstoi Port of Entry south of the Village, north to Winnipeg and the Interlake region beyond. The Pembina Port of Entry, the busiest border crossing in Western Canada, is also conveniently accessed by Provincial Road (PR) 201 to PTH 75.  


The Village is a hub for healthcare for the immediate area, as well as a cultural hub for the rural Francophone communities that surround the Village. As the Village continues to grow, these factors present attractive investment opportunities for a variety of industries.


  • Growing Population 

  • Attractive Location Near Large Urban Centres 

  • Established Agricultural Industry ​

Reasons To Invest



Given the Village’s strategic location with connections to major markets, border crossings, and agricultural surroundings, the Village is positioned to provide services in the transportation industry. Opportunities may include vehicle maintenance facilities and smaller warehousing and storage operations for locally produced goods.

St. Pierre-Jolys Manitoba Transpotation and shipping



The Village serves as a primary healthcare hub for the surrounding rural communities through the established healthcare facility -- the Centre medico-social De Salaberry District Health Centre. With a growing and aging population, there will be an increased demand for auxiliary healthcare services to support the changing demographic of the Village and the surrounding communities it services.

St. Pierre-Jolys health and wellness



St. Pierre-Jolys acts as a bilingual hub for retail, culture, commerce, and health and wellness care for many communities. There is room to grow to provide further support services and cultural outlets for the francophone community. The Village presents the perfect opportunity to support and grow this cultural community. 

St. Pierre-Jolys french services
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Extended & Personal Care Facilities

- Day Program Development 

- Auxiliary Care Facilities (Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Skin Care Clinic) 

- Wellness Services (Massage, Spa) 

Daycare & Child Wellness Services

To support growing families with young children and the expanding population, the Village will need additional daycare facilities and family support businesses

Francophone Retail & Support Services

With a strong French Canadian heritage, the Village is positioned to provide French language services and support French businesses for all of southern Manitoba 




- Implement and Vehicle Maintenance 

- Warehousing & Storage 

- Logistics and Distribution


Park Development

- Office Spaces 

- Contractor Shop Spaces 

- Service Garages 

- Small Scale Storage 

Investment Opportunities

St. Pierre-Jolys’ economic experts have analyzed and identified the following markets to have unique and favourable opportunities within the region’s Service Hub and Trade Corridor Sector: 

St. Pierre-Jolys Pharmay Service

Service Hub

and Trade Corridor 

Sector Profile

Invest in

St. Pierre-Jolys Rooster
Contact Us

Ready to start your next business investment or expansion in St-Pierre-Jolys? There are several incentives and supports available to assist investors and business. Contact one of our representative for support in investing in The Village of St-Pierre-Jolys.


To help you make St-Pierre-Jolys your choice to invest, we offer the following incentives and economic development support:

1  —

Development Incentive Program

​A four-year decremental property tax rebate will be provided to eligible commercial, industrial and residential projects located within the Village of St-Pierre-Jolys. The Village will begin accepting applications starting January 2023.

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