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Located in southeast Manitoba, the Village of St. Pierre-Jolys is positioned in a competitive location to drive innovation in the information and digital technology sector. With land available for commercial development and access to high-quality digital infrastructure, the Village is a perfect location for digital creators, technology firms, and data storage. 


With a temperature range between an average low of -24° Celsius in January and an average high of +26° Celsius in July, there are opportunities for passive heating and cooling to reduce energy consumption for larger intensive operations.

Reasons To Invest



Surrounded by rich agricultural land, the Village has opportunities to provide technological support services to one of Manitoba’s largest industries. Whether focusing on research and development of agricultural technologies or providing a service centre for surrounding operations, the Village has the digital infrastructure needed to develop technology-based solutions and innovation within the agricultural industry.

Manitoba Agriculture Research



Climate Innovation and Technology continues to be a growing sector in today’s economy. With large and small-scale agricultural operations surrounding the Village, environmental management, engineering, and technological services will play a critical role in maintaining the success of the agricultural industry through efficient use of infrastructure and resources.

Manitoba Agriculture technology



From graphics and animation, to SAS and AI-driven tools, there are emerging opportunities within a rapidly evolving IT sector. Located approximately 60 km (a 25-minute drive) from Winnipeg, the Village has access to an educated and growing millennial cohort who are capable of creating, designing, coding and developing these tools, which helps to support the following business opportunities:

  • Smart tech & electronic product development 

  • Publishing and design services 

  • Online Retail 

  • Telecommunications 

  • Data processing, hosting and related services 

Manitoba Post Secondary Studies
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Investment Opportunities

St. Pierre-Jolys’ economic experts have analyzed and identified the following markets to have unique and favourable opportunities within the region’s Information Technology & Innovation  Sector: 

Digital Creation

& Software Development

Access to high speed digital infrastructure makes the Village a suitable location for the production of digital content of all forms. 

Agricultural Consulting & Technology

  • Commodities Trading 

  • Technology Development & Support 

  • Small Scale Urban Agriculture 

Environmental Engineering & Management

  • Bio-remediation 

  • Phyto-remediation 

  • Industrial Management


Enterprise Support

  • Web-based Hosting (Servers) 

  • Customer Service Centres 

  • Business Support Services 

E-Commerce & Home Based Businesses

  • Municipal Support for Home-Based Business 

  • Work-Share Spaces 

  • Thriving Small Business Community

Information Technology

& Innovation 

Sector Profile

Invest in

St. Pierre-Jolys Farm
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Ready to start your next business investment or expansion in St-Pierre-Jolys? There are several incentives and supports available to assist investors and business. Contact one of our representative for support in investing in The Village of St-Pierre-Jolys.


As of January 2023, the Village of St-Pierre-Jolys will offer financial assistance to eligible construction and or building renovation projects. For more information on the Development Incentive Program see below.

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Development Incentive Program

A four-year decremental property tax rebate will be provided to eligible commercial, industrial and residential projects located within the Village of St-Pierre-Jolys. The Village will begin accepting applications starting January 2023.

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