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Tourism in the Village of St. Pierre-Jolys is driven by their community’s prevelent French-Canadian cultural heritage. The Village also has roots within the Métis community in Manitoba. Home to the annual Frog Follies, St. Pierre-Jolys has a long history of attracting visitors to the village. With a growing community, the Village is well positioned for investment in a thriving cultural environment.

Reasons To Invest



The French-Canadian and Métis heritage of the Village should be celebrated. St. Pierre-Jolys could serve as a sattilite venue for Festival du Voyageur or Folklorama held annually in Winnipeg or additional cultural events. Festivals and events like these present spin-off opportunities for vendors and support facilities and services. 


In addition to hosting cultural events, St. Pierre-Jolys is strategically located to host larger recreational or sporting events. With a number of rural communities in the surrounding area, investment in recreational facilities can turn the Village into a recreational hub for surrounding communities and an ideal location for regional sporting tournaments.

St. Pierre-Jolys Manitoba Festivals



Located just under 60 km (40-minute drive) north of the Tolstoi Port of Entry, St. Pierre-Jolys’ location on Provincial Trunk Highway (PTH) 59 makes it the perfect stop en route to Winnipeg, located a short 25-minute drive from the Village, or other destinations. Available commercial land within the Village is highly suitable for investment in accommodations, restaurants, or other travel-related services.

St. Pierre-Jolys Manitoba Art and Culture



Recent investment in municipal campsites in Parc Carillon demonstrates that there is a growing demand for outdoor recreation facilities. Given the proximity to Winnipeg and other larger centres, the Village is an ideal spot for people looking to escape the city. As a growing community, there is also potential for investment in recreational trails for cycling, cross-country skiing, hiking, and walking trails. The Village is also located along the Crow Wing Trail, which connects Winnipeg to the Canada-United States border at the town of Emerson.

St. Pierre-Jolys Park
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Investment Opportunities

St. Pierre-Jolys’ economic experts have analyzed and identified the following markets to have unique and favourable opportunities within the region’s Service Hub and Trade Corridor Sector: 

Festival-Related Business

  • Annual Seasonal Festivals 

  • Supporting Services (washroom facilities, transportation) 

  • Temporary Vendors 

Hotel and Hospitality

  • Overnight Accommodations for Travellers 

  • Unique Accommodations 

  • Accommodations to Support Large Sporting Events

Sporting & Recreation

  • St. Pierre-Jolys Recreation Centre Development 

  • Regional Sporting Event Hosting 

  • Trail Development 

Heritage Tours, Exhibitions and Experiences

  • Métis Learning Experiences 

  • Main Street Development 

  • Partnerships with Existing Cultural Events 

Nature-Based Accommodations

  • Campground Development 

  • Experiential Accommodations 

Cultural Food Markets

& Restaurants

  • Restaurants with a Focus on Locally Produced Food 

  • Permanent or Seasonal Market Venue 

  • Cultural Restaurants

St. Pierre-Jolys Tourism and Visitors

Tourism & Visitor Experience 

Sector Profile

Invest in

St. Pierre-Jolys Manitoba Animals
Contact Us

Ready to start your next business investment or expansion in St-Pierre-Jolys? There are several incentives and supports available to assist investors and business. Contact one of our representative for support in investing in The Village of St-Pierre-Jolys.


As of January 2023, the Village of St-Pierre-Jolys will offer financial assistance to eligible construction and or building renovation projects. For more information on the Development Incentive Program see below.

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Development Incentive Program

A four-year decremental property tax rebate will be provided to eligible commercial, industrial and residential projects located within the Village of St-Pierre-Jolys. The Village will begin accepting applications starting January 2023.

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